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As mentioned at the beginning of this topic, it is unlikely that one individual can carry out all aspects of the work, and ideally the facilitator will work with a small planning group of resource people who have a good understanding of the local area and the targeted training group.

An important aspect of their work, in planning and design, will be training administration. Much of this is very straightforward but is vital to ensuring that the event runs smoothly. The following checklist is a simple way of ensuring that all aspects are taken care of.

1. Has the trainer been identified and booked and briefed?

2. Has the venue/facility been booked?

3. What resources are needed and have they been booked?

4. What support staff are required?

5. What learning materials are required and are they organised?

6. What equipment is needed and has it been booked?

7. Has the training been advertised? Or have participants been notified?

8. Have participants’ managers been notified?

9. Have joining instructions been sent?

10. Have catering arrangements been confirmed?

11. Has a welcome for participants been organised?

12. What methods of evaluation are being used and are they prepared?

13. Has evaluation material been collected?

14. Has the trainer been debriefed?

15. Have payments been made?

16. Have equipment and materials been returned?

17. Have follow-up letters been sent?

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